Monday, October 19, 2009

Anne and Rylin

Meet Anne. Anne is one of our most favorite little girls. She is Rylin’s cousin and lives in Utah. One of the most fun parts of going to visit is to have some major cousin time. Last summer when the Anne and Rylin were only 2, they instantly became BFF’s. After a whole year of not seeing each other, they picked up right where they left off. Rylin loves her, and if you can’t tell by the pictures, Anne loves Rylin.



They will have so much fun in the years to come, especially when Rylin can go visit and be crazy with Anne when they are teenagers. It will be a sight to see!

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The last night we were with Anne, they kept hugging when it was time to say goodbye, we were in the car and Rylin was all buckled in her carseat. Anne wanted just one more hug so Rylin reached her short little arms as far as they would go out the car window and they hugged on more time. Needless to say, we LOVE Anne, we love her crazy personality, we love her curly locks, and we miss her dearly! They have already chatted on the phone a few times, it is pretty stinkin cute!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Utah Part III

The final leg of our trip we headed up North to my brother’s house.

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After begging and begging me, I finally allowed Kendall to meet her betrothed. My very good friend Julie came over to visit and has a son, Mason. Kendall and Mason’s first date went well. Isn’t he the cutest??? (sorry for cutting your head off Jules)

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We went to Thanksgiving Point Farm Town. It was fun, other than Kendall and Ry being a little “touch and go” with some sadness.

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Rylin decided she wanted to ride a horse, so she did!!!!

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Until she made the first round about, she was crying by then, Aunt Laurie was nice enough to get her off while I carefully documented to moments!

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Kendall and Kloe are only 2 weeks apart, they had fun stealing toys from each other. Kendall loved to steal Kloe’s pacifier, in fact some how she ended up with it on the flight home. She stole it on the drive to the airport and got away for good with it!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part II

The second part of our trip was a visit with my sister. Rylin, Kendall and I loved every minute. We were finally able to see their new beautiful house and take advantage of all the extra space!!! The best part, letting my new cuddly niece sleep on me, she is so blasted cute! I can’t believe I only took these two pictures, but we had fun even with my crazy emotional girls. Thanks Shastina!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Utah Trip Part I

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The first leg of our trip was in Cedar. We road the four wheelers, swam, took a cousin/grandparent picture, went to a parade with a TON of horses and bright bright sun with Aunt Laurie, Kaden, Kyle, and Kloe.

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Rylin re-fell in love with Anne (after a year away from eachother), I will post some super cute pictures of them soon :)


(Grammalissa and Poppa Russ with all TEN grandkids, ages 1 week – 6)

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And Rylin cut paper, boy did she cut. It is her new favorite past time, and KK doll was just crazy as always.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hi Ho Cheerio

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I guess Rylin decided it was time for her to start taking care of Kendall while I was upstairs. She will be a good mommy someday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Forget about the wind, runny noses, children I can’t make smile on command….

These are the results when you forget all of that. We will be taking some non-wind pictures soon and I will have to have an assistant!

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Rylin and Kendall are absolutely, hands down, each other’s favorite person in the world. Rylin is KK doll’s biggest fan and Kendall thinks that Ry is the finniest girl she knows. It is so amazing to see their relationship grow as Kendall continues to grow and is getting closer and closer to walking. I can already tell that when Kendall takes her first real step, they will be running together off into the sunset. (And if you have seen Ry run, Kendall will keep up w/ no problem). When Kendall wakes up from her nap Rylin is the first to go “talk to her” she climbs in the crib and they play until I break up all the jumping and screaming.  She likes to give her food and share her toys…oh wait, maybe not the last one :) but she is always willing to bring KK a new toy after stealing on from her, does that count? 

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Kendall, oh, sweet crazy Kendall. She is a crazy army crawler (almost a slither) who LOVES to climb stairs, but going down is a problem.  She loves her daddy. While we were away on our trip, I would put Dustin on speaker phone and I have never heard Kendall whine like she did when he talked. It was so heart breaking, yet absolutely adorable at the same time. She is our “loud” one, her whale cry is the loudest I have ever heard! She wants something when she wants it, and it better be exactly what she wants or she will let you know. Kendall loves food. She can often be found dabbling of snacks in her high chair almost all day, yet screaming when you walk by with out sharing your food!  She likes to nap, she smashes her cute little head into the corner of her bed and falls fast asleep. A  few of our most favorite tricks she does are: the face scrunch, the thumb suck, the tongue click, and the Ursula slither across the floor when you chase her. We also love how she has no hair on the sides of her head from sleeping on her stomach and sucking her thumb. We love her short little legs, and her one tooth. We love picking her up and she will lay her head on our shoulder and suck her thumb and cuddle. I love how she chews on her Blabla doll then throws it across the room. We especially love that she doesn’t sleep through the night ;) we recently bought our last can of formula, and she gets to face forward in the car in a month!

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Rylin. Big girl princess Rylin. We adore her. Our miracle baby has grown into such a beautiful 3 year old. Ry loves everything princess. Most recently her favorite is Sleeping Beauty, but with the commercials for Snow White on TV all the time I think she will have a new favorite after Christmas time (as long as I can wait). She talks up a storm these days, especially in the car. She is quite the conversation starter as well with token lines such as: “so…” and “did you know that…” or  “that would be good”. When daddy comes home from work, her most favorite line is “DADDY, DADDY, DADDY” three times every time. Rylin is such a big helper with Kendall. Maybe this makes me a bad mom but, I can assign her to do things. For example, if I leave Kendall alone-she immediately heads for the stairs- I can ask Rylin to tell me when Kendall get too close.  When Kendall gets sad, Ry will get real close and “pet her head” and say, it’s ok, I am here now”. She always gets a laugh out of ol’ KK doll. Rylin loves her “running shoes” and runs with her elbows out, hands in a fist by her tummy, and her hips mover faster than her legs.  She loves loves loves to go shopping, it is one of her favorite most exciting things to do, even just to go get groceries and go to Wal-Mart. She loves everything girly. Flowers, dresses, princess books, princess costumes, fairy wings…you name it! Best of all, Rylin loves her family. She loves her Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas (especially), Grandpas, and remembers ALL of their names, even everyone in Utah! She is very observant and remembers funny details like who had what princess dress or shoes. Her best day is when she gets to spend time with her daddy, she is the most pleasant little girl after a few hours alone with Dad. 

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Most of all, They make us smile and our family would not be complete with out them.

Slumber Party, Girl Party

Before we went to Utah, we FINALLY had cousin Brinlee over for a little sleepover. They had so much fun together, eating, playing princesses, watching princess movies and wearing matching princess night gowns. Brin kept talking about our “girl party” the next day at church, I hope it fulfilled all her hopes and dreams!


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Kendall loved every minute of it too, she was constantly in the middle of the “big girls” laughing her head off.  Hopefully we can do it again soon!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I added to the cuteness

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