Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lots of catching up to do

This blog is going to be a lot of little blogs that I should have done, all smashed in to one huge blog. We went to pumpkin patch number one on Satruday with Danny, Parker and Kaden, we found a little stinky skunk while we were there.

On Sunday, we had Sarah and the boys plus Brinlee over for dinner, Uncle Dustin had to build a fire and the kids decided to try and bust through the gate to help him out I guess. Luckily, this plan didn't work:)

On Monday Rylin and I went to Pumpkin patch number two in Mt Vernon with Crystal and her kids. This was a really fun patch to go to with really cool pumpkins. Rylin and Asher had to carry the pumpkins for us...we couldn't handle it. After going on a wild goose chase to find the place we had a great time!

We were even able to squeeze a couple of really spoooooky faces out of Halle and Haven. I couldn't resist putting these up.

It is on a day like this that I remember one of the reasons that I love it here!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clepto (if I knew how to spell that)

I stole these little treats from Sarah.
Rylin and Brinlee were too crazy the other day. Notice in the bathtub one how much longer Brin's arms are than Rylin's.....It has kinda become the funniest joke around here. Brinlee has Gorilla arms and Rylin has T-Rex arms....yet they are only five days apart!

Oh Parker, he is always looking out for the girlies!

If you want

Here is a sampling of some more senior pictures we just took for another on of my Laurels, Jenna. She looks awesome and has killer blue eyes to top it off!

Old MacDonald had a Park

We went to Carnation this past weekend to watch Conference at the "other" Soptich's.
We were camping at McDonald park and it was fun for the most part, except for our ten o'clock curfew because the drug dealer camp host thought it was necessary to lock the entrance every exceptions (we tried). On Saturday we went on a little nature walk across the bridge. We were able to look at all the salmon in the river (dying) and we even found the tree of life. I partook of the fruit, being the sinner that I am. Shout out to Lee and Carrie for letting us crash their raging party! It was a ton of fun! Also a shout out to Kelty for this awesome baby backpack.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rylin finally made her way onto the dishwasher door. So I of course had to take the traditional "baby on dishwasher"picture. You are just lucky you can't see my dirty dishes covering the counter.