Thursday, August 26, 2010

4th of July

For the 4th of July weekend, our besty friends (the Torgesens) came up to visit one last time before they moved to California. We had a great few days with them. We got a picture of all the kids before the big parade:

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L to R: Camden (4), Ashlyn (3), Rylin (3), Kendall (18 months), Allie (18 months), and Dustin (27 yrs :)).

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When I was in Utah, my mom and I picked out this fabric to make festive skirts for the girlios. I think they turned out super cute. Good thing my mom is a such a master seamstress!

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Camden is obsessed with fire trucks lately, and it made his day when he got to ride with Grandpa Soptich for the last part of the parade.

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You are lucky I finally uploaded all the pictures from my phone. Now you can see Rylin with her first bag of cotton candy:

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The happy couple wait in line for a carnival ride:

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In the next picture, Rylin was excited. The one after that is when she started screaming and wanted to get off the ride. Good times!

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We always get together for cake and fireworks to celebrate Parker’s entrance into the world. AKA his 7th birthday. What’s wrong with 12ish kids running around with sparklers?!?! Nothing, it was completely not stressful and it was full of joy and happiness.

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In June we…

…watched a lot of rainbows in the evening waiting for summer to come. Almost every time you could see the whole entire rainbow off our back deck.

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…watched the bald eagles in our trees. When it was windy I counted at least 10 bald eagles at one time flying above our house playing in the wind.

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…went camping at City beach. This is our most favorite last minute camping spot. It is right in town and we don’t have to worry about Dustin having work off. We can just pull the trailer down there, enjoy the beach and still be close to his work. It’s awesome!

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…went to Utah! We found the sun at Grandma and Poppa’s house. It was wonderful, not too hot but plenty warm. We filled up the pool and the kids played with their cousins in the water. We also went to the park where they played in the creek. Rylin and Anne had a slumber party, where they watched movies and re-enacted all the scenes.

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Kendall did a photo shoot in my old swimming suit. I think I was 1 when I wore it. It was a little snug, but worth it for the pictures! She is my tan little baby. See the sandal tan lines? That was with, like, SPF 1000, and she still is super dark.

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Hank, Rylin and Anne in the creek. Also, baby William in Krista’s tum tum.

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The End!