Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When I have too much time to think

**this is a long story...but I decided to write it down because 1)I love him 2)it's fun to remember 3) It is something I want our kids to have written down 4) I want to hear everyone else's too, so type your Love Story up on your blog for your kids**
I remember being in high school (an innocent 16 year old girl) day dreaming about my prince. I am sure that a day didn't go by when Kaisa (BFFL) and I had thoughts of some dream guy picking us up and spinning us around in slow motion like in a fairy tale. We used to always talk about how magical it would be to find that special someone.
On Memorial Day weekend of my Junior year when I was 17, I met someone . He was the first "Mormon" boy I had ever been able to find anything in common with. He was extremely handsome too (doesn't hurt). That Saturday night we were watching TV sitting on the couch together. He got up to go to the bathroom and I (never without a plan, and believe me, mine and Kaisa's plans ALWAYS worked) strategically layed down where he was sitting so he had no choice but to sit Extra CLOSE to me. We actually stayed up ALL night just talking, seriously that is all we did...well maybe while we were talking we were sitting even extra closer.
He seemed to fit my checklist perfectly, the one that every young woman is encouraged to make. This was probably because up until then I had never made that checklist. The night that I got home after meeting him, the checklist was made and he mysteriously fit every one! I promise you though, even though I may have been thinking of him while I made it, I honestly could not find one thing missing or not up to par with what I wanted. SO that was it, I was smitten. Him, not so much until a couple months later. So the story goes on.
That summer my parents moved to Utah, much to my dismay. My parents were awesome and I was blessed to be able to move in with Kaisa in September and finish my senior year at my same High School. This was only a couple hours away from my prince who happened to be Kaisa's cousin. I spent the summer in Utah with my family and made tons of great memories. Between visits from family a lot of friends came to visit as well. Meanwhile, prince charming was back in Washington. I got a few short phone calls/one-liner emails like "I am really busy" and cool stuff like that. Needless to say, I felt like I was at the bottom of his list.
So the end of August rolled around and I made my way back to Washington to move in with said BFF. The first weekend back, guess who showed up? Yep, the prince himself. I guess he had some strategic planning skills too. He also showed up the next weekend, and for some reason he decided to kiss me. Hmm. I was ok with this.
After many weekend trips with him coming to see me and me going to see him, the reality of our relationship came to life when he recieved his mission call to Mexico. After only a few short months of dating, he was to leave in February. The next couples months seemed to fly by, with even fewer weekend trips possible because of the holidays. I was set to graduate in the end of January and he was leaving for TWO years.
The last weekend we spent together, he was set apart as a missionary. We drove to Puyallup to a baby blessing (2 hours), sat through church (3 hours), luncheon afterwards (a couple more hours), all of this and we can't even hold hands! We had our "electrifying handshake" as Grandma Barrett calls it and went our separate ways. So, I finished high school in late January and moved to Utah. He reported to the MTC the next week.
My parents and brothers met him for the first time when he was in the MTC. Another strategic plan. They seemed to approve and I continued to wait for my prince to swing me around in slow motion.
After about 18 months I dated some other "princes", but they were always meant for another princess. Assuring me that my prince had been found a few years back, I just had to wait for him to return. And he did.
February of 2004 he came back to save me. I flew in from Utah for the first weekend of him being home. It was like a dream...had it really been 2 years? It seemed like he was here the whole time. It was like we never were apart. After yet another short weekend trip (added to the list from 2 years before), I flew home for 2 weeks and couldn't stand it so Ibought another plane ticket to Seattle. This was the last time, I had to find out what our relationship was going to be. This man who was supposed to be my prince wouldn't talk about the "M" word AT ALL. Leading me to believe he didn't want to marry me, although I knew he loved me. He told me.
That short weekend in March finally came. On Saturday morning he wanted to take me on a hike, but had to fill the truck up with gas first and wouldn't let me join him. He came back and we went on our hike. He had packed a romantic picnic, cheese and crackers and sparkling cider. I still thought nothing because last I heard, the "m" word was a bad one. Next thing I know, he started asking what I wanted in the future. I wanted to marry the man I love, I wanted to be with him forever and be forever happy and have a forever family. He got on one knee and made me stand up. Pulled out a little jewelry box (I seriously was prepping myself to get a set of earrings or something) and said he wanted to spend forever with me, and I with him. So there was a ring on my finger (picked up while getting gas I guess) a prettier one than I had ever imagined, and he swung me around in slow motion. A strategic plan? Oh yes, he had one.
We were married in May and for the first time spent more than 4 days together. My prince and me.
As I was listening to Taylor Swifts new song Love Story, I couldn't help but have flashbacks of the longing to have a prince like in the song. It used to be all I could think about, now it is all that I have and I wouldn't want it any other way. I can only imagine the strategic plans that lie in our future. I do know one plan for sure, I will have a forever husband, with a forever family, and be forever happy.
Now come back from your hunting vacation husband! I am bored and miss you terribly!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hi everyone, we need your help to get the word out about our photography business. We will be offering this special and would like to let everybody know. If you read this and think of anybody that would be interested in this then pretty, pretty, please put a link on your blog to our photography blog www.pixiedustphoto.blogspot.com. We would appreciate the help and we are looking forward to seeing you all there on the 8th or the 15th.

Here are the details

On Nov. 8th and 15th, 2008 between the hours of 8 AM & 4 PM, we will be hosting 15 minute mini-sessions for families to have an inexpensive opportunity to have professional family portraits taken for Christmas. The fee will be $25.00 (through PAYPAL).

What to expect:
-Pay $25.00 NON-REFUNDABLE (unless canceled within 48 hours of sitting time)
-Important: payment must be made in order to reserve spot.
-One family per sitting

What you get:
-15 minutes
-3 digital pictures with permission to print

Before picture day:
-You will receive an email confirming your payment and sitting time

On picture day:
-Arrive 5 minutes before your allotted time
-Location: Deception Pass State Park (exact location and map will be in the confirmation email)
-Dress in whatever you would like

After picture day:
-By November 22nd, 2008, you will be sent an email with the images attached or mailed a CD with the images on it for an additional $2.00.
-You will receive the rights to what we believe are the three best images in digital copy.

(Children can sometimes be a little sassy, and they might pop some attitude. We will try to work with you to get the best picture possible. We will do our best, but this is a disclaimer that we cannot guarantee smiles.)

Please email the information below to pixiedustphotography@gmail.com. You must provide payment to hold your sitting time. A confirmation email will be sent after this form has been emailed and payment has been made.
Your Name
Your Email
Phone Number
Number of Children
First choice of sitting time (for possible sitting times see the post on the blog)
Second choice

Monday, October 13, 2008


You know the part of the movie when the mice are singing "Cinderelly cinderelly night and day it's cinderelly" well that is our life around here these days. She gets to watch it once a day and as soon as it ends it is followed by a blood curdling cry with real crocodile tears and everything. The other day we found a C-lella book at Wally world and try to substitute that for longing to watch the movie repeatedly. It has seemed to help for now but I have to keep my eye out for more books involving C-lella. I mean, the girl has the shoes, the chair, the movie, and the book, what else is there to do for her? Action figures will be the next step. Anything other than watching it on TV all day...right?
PS- this was before I cleaned up this morning, but what can ya do!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dr's and such

Rylin had her 2 year checkup on Wednesday. She is officially back UP to the 5th percentile for weight which was good to see (a whopping 22.2 lbs). She is in the 15th for heigth which has pretty much always been the same along with her big head, her head is always up in the charts. She only had to get 2 shots and cried for a minute and screamed "owwie". All in all she was tough.
She got to play outside when we got home and was really excited when Dustin pulled up. I was hoping to catch some pictures of her running up to him but he had to use the restroom and she was too enthralled with her firetruck...better luck next time!

Today we have been really lazy, and watching too much TV. Good thing she has her c-lella (cinderella) chair to chilax in.