Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The infamous Holiday catch-up post

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We went to the annual OHFD Christmas party and that is where Rylin finally got to see Santa, and Kendall finally got to scream at him! At first (picture 1) she was fine, then I guess I got too far away?!?!

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At the Soptich immediate family Christmas Party at Ensign ranch, we had a blast. Crystal and Mike joined us for the first day before they ditched out to go home and have baby Winter.

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We did the usual things, played in the snow, slept, went on a hay ride (in the rain, not so usual), and opened up gifts. This is a great tradition and the kids have a blast, it is like a 3 day slumber party for them!

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After a brief stint in Seattle with the Torgesen’s to watch the snow fall indoors, we made the trek to Utah for Christmas. The drive (18.5 hrs) went very well and we arrived on the 23rd around 11pm. Just in time for Christmas eve!

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Santa has always left special notes for the kids in my family, so Rylin and Kendall were lucky he remembered to leave them one too. Rylin wanted to leave Santa ice cream and egg nog (having no idea those are his absolute faves). He left Rylin her broom she wanted and since we forgot to bring our own stockings he filled up some we borrowed at my mom and dad’s house.

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Kendall had a blast opening all of her presents and eating the candy still in the wrapper!

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After opening little stuff (underwear etc.), Rylin finally found the present she had been waiting for in the back of the tree! Her princess clothes! What a day for a princess!

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My mom had made all the granddaughters tutus and they all sported them on NYE. We had a dance/karaoke party and celebrated 2009 and what a great year it was.

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This is what you get when you hand off your camera to your “trustworthy” older brothers. I actually didn’t see them take these so I was dying when I saw them . They just make me laugh, I love my bros! I guess Dustin was too cool for the tutu hat or something ?!?!

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The last two times we have been there for NYE, Adam (oldest bro) and Dustin (husband), go for a nearly naked freezing cold four wheeler ride around the property. BRRRR! I think it was like 15 degrees or something!

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The day before we left, we went out back to meet the cowboy/girl who live behind my parents. Rylin was a little nervous but the cowgirl scooped her right up and rode her around on the horse. I thought Ry was going to fall asleep, she was so relaxed when she got off I bet she would have stayed there all day!

The End.