Friday, January 22, 2010

Ensign Ranch Party #1

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For the extended family Christmas get-together, we all met up at Ensign Ranch for good times. Rylin loved playing ping-pong and hanging out (following around) the big girls since there were only boys her age. It snowed the last night we were there so Aunt Carrie to some of the kiddos out for a short winter’s walk.

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In the pictures above, Grandma Great was showing Rylin her gift, after which all of the Soptich siblings decided to attack hug their mom…it was a sight to see!

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As usual, Kendall was full of spice the whole time. She gracefully made it through both nights with hardly any sleep at all, it was a delight. Some how Asher and Rylin got  a few of their great Aunts to play ring around the rosie, which was also funny to watch.

Next post: Ensign Ranch Party #2…what???we love that place :)