Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's due time

For those of you who have not guessed yet, heard yet, or maybe just need some confirmation, I am prego. I am pretty safe now that I am about 13 weeks to tell everyone. I am due December 8th, but will be having another C-Section probably in late November.Everything looks good, strong heartbeat, tadpole butt, little arm buds. So there you have it. I think Dustin is the dad but we will be getting a DNA Test done later.

I would also like to confess my love for this new skirt I bought last week. This new panel thing is called the Secret Fit Belly. It is amazing, the best thing ever since sliced bread.

Summatime and the livin is easy

Okay so I do have excuses for anti-blogging for a while, the main one being our internet was having pop ups all over the place which became very annoying when I was trying to accomplish something on here. SO here it is, my new blog about none other than Rylin. She loves her new little pool from Walley world. After she was in it for almost 2 hours I had to make her come inside. She loves to anything outside and maybe will actually like to swim this summer...who knows. Anywhoo, these pictures were luckily taken before she wanted her diaper off. So hopefully creepy neighbor guy wasn't watching too closely because he would have gotten a show while she was naked in there. A little white trash, I know, but sometimes you are allowed to do things like that, especially in your back yard...right?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Child

Sometimes when Rylin is feeling a little too sorry for herself I break down and give her her pacifier and blanket and snuggle her in to watch some boob tube so I can get some things done. It works like a charm. Her hair is awesome in these pictures...classic bed head hair.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Last week we went to the Tulip Festival. There weren't as many as usual, but it was still really pretty. The wind picked up a little bit and it was already a little chilly, so excuse the extra small Jacket on Rylin :)

She loved looking at all the pretty flowers and spending time with dad. She is a trooper, you can't even tell it was busting cold!