Monday, August 31, 2009

Funny, Random things

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First, meet Allie. Don’t even try to count her rolls. It is INCREDIBLE! Will I ever be so blessed as to have a baby as delicious as this?  Her legs are even better, at least 6 rolls on each leg. HOLY COW! I tried to document the leg delicious-ness but they were going to be a little scandalous for the internet :)

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Second, Rylin is going through the “owie”stage. You know, the one where even the slightest bumps need a Dora band-aid? Below is some documentation for the insurance to prove all of the “owie’s” she has been getting.

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Third, a little frog friend…is he alive? Or dead? Let’s just say when Ry and I tried to make him jump off into the sunset, he turned into a big melted glob. I guess he was too “sleepy” . I through the blow up pool on top of him so Zeke wouldn’t eat him and the next day he was gone. Was he really alive?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seriously something you want to see

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if you don't, you will be missing out!

Happy Birthday to the prettiest, smartiest, and funniest 3 year old we know!

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Rylin turned 3 YEARS OLD on August 22nd so we celebrated. She got at least 10 books total (most of which are read one time before bed every night), an awesome toy kitchen that she never leaves alone, and some accessories to go along with it. Kendall had been sick all week and was NOT the life of the party but all in all it was a good night with at least one happy happy girl. She was SO excited to have everyone over and still cannot stop talking about it.

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In the picture above, Camden (her betrothed) is showing what she will be expected to learn in her new kitchen in order to insure happiness in their future together :)

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Thanks to my mom, Rylin had to have a princess Jasmine pink cake. YIKES! I try to stick to basic…one of my favorites being a polka dot cake so I just did that and tried to stick some princess pictures on top. Hey, it may not look like a princess castle but she loved it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good times and Great oldies

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While our friends Nick and Amanda were staying with us last week, Amanda turned the big 2-4 so we of course had a smashing dinner/game night. Russ (with Amanda holding a cake as well) turned 92 so we were also celebrating with him, although the boys went to a Mariner’s game earlier in the week :) After rounding up the kiddos-all 8 of them put to bed- it was time to play!

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Cranium WOW is one of the most fun games to play with a group of people, I think there were 10 of us and it was a blast. ps- I love our house because it is big enough to have everyone over and room for all the kids to go to bed, who could ask for more?

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Usually after 10pm Nick is drunk. Seriously, ok not seriously because we don’t drink…but he may as well be because of the way he is acting. It is one of the best things about these nights…his crazy sense of humor and his old man laugh. Although, I think that on this night it started around 9pm.

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Dustin and Russ can’t ever do a normal face in a picture, I think there are like 10 of Russ doing something weird, this is what I get for not being the one taking the pictures! They are weird!

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Nick’s final drunk moment of the night, he told a joke that none of us understood, but it was worth it just to watch him dying of laughter :) This was such a great way to have one last sha-bang before our buddies moved away. We are so lucky to have had Nick and Amanda grace us with their friendship…it is truly one that will involve visits to NC next summer and summer’s to come. We miss you guys!

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Here are some last few pics from when they were ready to leave. Russ and Aspen are next…if you don’t see or hear from me for a while, I may be in my closet experiencing a minor depression.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Smith Reunion was held at Lake Easton State Park this year. I busted out my camera only a few times, only in the same day. Here are some of the happenings on that day:

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Tanner really enjoyed rotating between Summer’s bike and Rylin’s bike. Uncle Don and Aunt Dar had huge bubble wands for the kids to use…Rylin loves bubbles (even though this picture doesn’t do her  “love for bubbles” justice)

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The boys all went out for a paintball war so Kaisa, Amanda, and I went on a little Nature walky with the girls ending at the park where Rylin enjoyed the slides for a while and had to fix her static filled  hair plenty of times (a trademark)

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And who could forget…the cute girl stuck in the backpack sucking her thumb the whole time (pictured above).

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We had such a fun time, I have really enjoyed being able to use our camper more this summer and having happy girls who love to go camping!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hey Hey

I am really excited about these , really excited.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beat the Heat


Last week, it was busting busting hot. Outside it was in the 90’s, and by Tuesday night our house was 88 degrees when I went to bed and 90 when I woke up. That is just on the main level. Our room is upstairs in a loft sort of area and I don’t even know how hot it was up there, I just felt like I couldn’t breathe. So, I packed what I could (forgetting half of what we needed) and we went camping at city beach with Aunt Sar, Uncle Danny and cousins. It was a blast, and the best part was the AC in the trailer. We had so much fun at the park, wading pool, and beach. We came home Saturday afternoon to a house that was only around 70. I can’t wait until we can go there next time…I hope another heat wave is in the works so we have an excuse!

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On Friday night Rylin was entertaining us with her musical styling's of Jesus wants me for a SunBEAM and spinning for us, it was pretty funny to watch. She is hilarious.

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