Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summa time

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Brinlee and Rylin are prettymuch besties these days. They love doing things together and play so well now. They even call eachother! It is so much fun to watch their relationship grow! During their little swim date their most fave game was to “hug” eachother but really fall down into the water. I just wish I had it on video because it was halarious!

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The next day was some sister sister time in the one pool, Kennel loved it, she just floated around in her bimbo chair and kicked water on Ry. These girls are so funny I am so glad to have them in my life!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Five Years= Viva Las Vegas

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When we first arrived, our room was dirty, so they upgraded us for free to a huge suite…it was dirty too (see pic 1 & 2) So we called the front desk and they gave us a free dinner while they cleaned it. When we returned there were chocolates on the bed :) Nice

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There are a ton of pictures on here, but I wanted to sum up our trip and all the things we were able to do with each other

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We went to a sweet mall where it rained inside, played games at the arcade at New York, New York (and went on the roller coaster…no pictures though). We saw the Lions at the MGM Grand. It was feeding time shortly after we got there so it was fun to see the little trainer guys in the cage with the lions chucking raw meat into their mouths.

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I guess the cool new way to advertise everything is for people to were these little sign things on their backs and walk up and down the strip…at night the signs lit up…I guess if Landscaping or ICOM don’t work out for Dustin then we can both do that for a living

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We gambled ;), Went to build a bear to get some goodies for the girlies, went to Hoover Dam (so glad my mom and dad came down for a few days!)

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On our actual anniversary, the ‘rents took us to a nice din din and afterwards we went to Fremont Street. I have never been down there before, it is pretty cool because they do shows to music on the HUGE screen above the road. When we were there they did one to the “bye bye miss American pie” song

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Sad to go, but happy to see our babies again!

I have to say how much I enjoyed spending time with my Hubbo for 5 days. It was awesome and definitely something that we needed.  I can’t believe it has been five years since we were sealed in the temple for time and eternity. I am so grateful to be able to share my life with him, and I am excited for all the years to come.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

black bogging (not a racial slur)

Time to do some back blogging. For my birthday (April 4th-mark your calendars) I received a new camera for my purse from mi familia.  I finally uploaded the pictures from this thing and remember now an important trip that never reached my blogging records. Around April 10th or so we went with Dustin on a training extravaganza for ICOM 911. The girlfriends and I stayed at the hotel mostly swimming, but made a few excursions to the mall down the street and to the OMSI center in Portland with our dear friend Gail. These are some pictures that will now document our trip.

SDC10487  SDC10490 SDC10506 SDC10508 SDC10514 SDC10528

SDC10525SDC10516 SDC10521  

One picture of Kendall for Calley…I told you she is always just in the stroller :)


On the trip down there, she passed out like this…too funny