Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aquarium Trip

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For a while now we have wanted to take Rylin to the Aquarium. Today the tickets were only $1 so we made the trip to Seattle and had a ton of fun. Rylin loved seeing all the fishies and playing with her friends. We were hoping to see Brin, Parker, and Kaden too but with all the crazy crowds it was almost impossible to catch up with them except for a few hellos here and there.

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It was too much of a hassle to take a lot of pictures (Crying baby) but here are the ones that I did get.

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In the picture below you can see our crew of kids (Kendall, Camden, Rylin, Ashlyn, Carter, and Allie)

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After the Aquarium we went to the Carousel on the next pier over. I think the was the highlight of Rylin’s day. My friend Amanda took pictures from that and I will post a link to her pictures when she puts them up . You can see a few more pictures here. I love having great friends and Family who are willing to do fun stuff all the time! Thanks for your help ladies…I can imagine that we almost looked like a bunch of Polygamists with our 6 kids and no husbands and all mothering/helping out with each others kids. Thanks for a fun day!

for the record- i am glad i got to come home to my husband and to be his only wife :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Look at the legs on her!

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I know to some these legs might seem mediocre compared to chunky monkey baby legs, but to me they are heaven on earth! I love that Kendall has these little rolls on her legs. I just want to squish them all the time they are so cute. I had to document that I have a child that has some “chunk” on her. It goes pretty cute with her double chin-chub!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Princess Rylin

Once upon a time there was a little stinker named Rylin. One day Rylin went to Grandma’s house and had so much fun. When it was time to go home Rylin was so sad. When her chariot arrived at her back door, she climbed out but wouldn’t come inside. I went inside and left the back door open for her to come in when she so pleased. I snuck some pictures of her through the window.

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She started to come inside, I guess she was creeped out by creepy neighbor guy  or something. So I went to meet her at the back door…

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….and scared her away.

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Eventually she came in and graced us with her presence. With all her feisty-ness these last couple weeks, I am glad for the times we ARE graced with her presence and she is happy.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What a fun day!

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The other day Asher and Haven came over to play. We did lots of fun things, but the best part was when Asher and Ry came out of her room both wearing princess shoes. Asher’s true personality came out- gotta love having older sisters-

We also made cup hats. I am not a super crafty person so pretty much all I had to decorate them were crayons. They still had fun though!

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And yes, in case you were wondering, Ryiln is wearing her pajamas. Admit it, I am not the only one who has let their child stay in jammies all day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More of a random cute girl :)

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So, we all know that I went to beauty school and like doing hair. Even though I don’t do it a ton right now, I will again someday when I have more time. I was straightening my hair today and Rylin asked me to do hers too. So of course I did. Of course I used a ton of volumizing hairspray as well and of course I had to take pictures. OF course this is why I went to beauty school…because Heavenly father knew that I would be having a house full of girls who like their hair done. I wanted to take pictures of her “mature hair do” and she was totally hammin’ it up for the camera. So OF COURSE I kept clicking away and OF course I had a good time editing them. I couldn’t pick 1 favorite, so here are my favorite{S} (including a sexual predator one)

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This week RyRy can be heard saying a few funny things. She is totally into copying Dustin and I. Today she said a funny one,

“shh, I wanna listen to the show”

We love her so much. These days she can be found watching “Hercookies” [translation:Hercules], reading books ALL THE TIME [wanting ME to read books ALL THE TIME], singing the Ariel song, and sitting in Kendall’s bimbo chair, also taking care of numerous “Baby Allie” things…so far I think she has found a cup, a bowl, a bear, a doll, and just a blanket and referred to them all as Baby Allie. Do you also notice her newly acquired dimple on the left cheek?

Happiest place on earth

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Yesterday, we were introduced to the Children’s Museum at the mall. I have always wanted to go there and was lucky to be able to go with Aspen and kiddos. This is the coolest place ever and I think I will be buying a annual pass to go all the time, Thanks Aspen!!

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Kendall thoroughly enjoyed it too, she is practicing sucking her thumb in other positions besides laying on her tummy. One of the coolest things there was this stage where they could get all dressed up. Ashlynn was a frog/princess and Ry was a butterfly/princess. Camden was the guy in charge of pulling the curtains

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