Saturday, March 27, 2010

This One

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This one makes me crazy. She is happy one minute and sad the next. This girl wears her emotions on her sleeve and tears are always on the verge. She is also the sweetest thing. She cares for her little sister, and is sad when Kendall is sad, happy when Kendall is happy. The thing is, I am sure there will be times when Kendall will bug her to death, but one thing is for sure…Rylin will always give Kendall what she needs and wants. We couldn’t have asked for a better leader of our children. Rylin was meant to be the oldest.

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She loves to gather change around the house and store it is secret places, this day she wanted me to take a picture of it…I just wanted a picture of her post-braided crimpy, fluffy, adorable hair that is “getting long like Anne and Bowena’s (Melina’s).

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Friday, March 19, 2010

I guess there is 1 post for February


I didn’t really take any pictures in February…except these:

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Ever since we first put Rylin in the front pack on the John Deere when she was like 6 months old, she has loved riding on tractors with Dad. Set aside her anxiety she has these days (hence the death grip on Dustin’s arm) and she has a blast.

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Below are a few drunk pictures of Kendall. You can kind of see her big front teeth she has acquired in these last few months, one is way longer than the other and they can’t seem to match up! She continues to crack us up, especially with her 5/6am wakeup calls where she wants to do nothing but eat 2 packets of oatmeal and go back to bed. YIKES!!! We are hoping she decides to take up walking full time, she is definitely using her will power to make the choice herself!! Rylin was 18+ months, so Kendall is 16 months now and should be a little “ahead” of the walking schedule!

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Dustin recently did this job on the south end of the island. I believe they built the top wall taller, built the lower wall, and did ALL the stamped concrete…doesn’t it look fabulous! I want a patio like this someday at our dream house.

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There you have it.