Saturday, August 16, 2008

Double the fun

Yesterday we tried to survive the SCORCHING heat here in Oak Town by going swimming at a new beach. Even Dustin got to come! It is down by Freeland, and can I just is it that I have NEVER been here? It is so nice, the water is shallow so it gets really warm. It is all sand and there is a ton of space even when there are a ton of people there. The one and only problem we ran into was the fact that the tide started to come in right after we got there so we had to move all our chairs and stuff like 3 times. Still, the best beach ever, we will be going there all the time now I think.

The Baywatch Run
Eventually Rylin decided to take off her swimming suit.
Crazy Eyes!


Jennnnnna said...

Excellent pictures!!!! Wayy cute.

P.S. It's about time!

Nerell said...

Very cute pictures. We go to that beach too... awesome beach." Doublebluff beach if my memory serves me correctly.

Kyla said...

I can't believe Dustin has never taken you to Double Bluff! Its the best swimming beach on the island. AND its only about 5 miles from the new house you need to buy. :)

PS tell Dustin he's got a pretty sweet farmer tan.

Kate said...

I didn't think it was possible to have nice weather at the beach... over on the North West :)
You guys all looked like you had a fun day!