Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Told you I would post some specials


This what we have been up to. Please let your friends/random people know about this.

Here are some samplings of other things we have been doing around here.

(10 of 24)


(6 of 24)

Looking through “orange colored glasses”…get it? (uhem, excuse the crusty food on her face)

(7 of 24) (49 of 56)

Crying…and more jumping

(34 of 56) (22 of 56)

Cuddling and playing with friends (Ashlyn above)

(18 of 56) (6 of 17)

Wearing Immodest Easter dresses around the house along with matching jammies from Grammalisa

(26 of 56)(13 of 56)

Playing with friends
(baby Allie) and playing with sisters.

To see more aquarium pics look here

The End

PS- Kendall weighs 12 lbs and is loving life, she had her 4 month check and got round 2 of shots…she took it like a champ, she has some new stranger anxiety and loves bottles. She loves dancing, singing, and is only on facebook to look for friends. Her religious view is Christian- Latter-day saints.

The End End.


Calley said...

We have that same Old Navy skank dress in blue. It was pretty cute. And I love Kendall's one sad face, and she looks a lot like Rylin to me these days. And the end.

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness. Rylin looks super tall in that dress. Kendall is growing up so quick! I'm so excited to see and play with her! Cute cute cute pictures.

You know.. you really shouldn't push your religion on your children.

Tara said...

love the end!

Russ & Aspen said...

you're hillarious.

Sarahe said...

happy happy birthday margie poo! We love you and hope you have a fantastic day!